New High School Mentoring Program Debuts at Point Hope

Oct 18, 2022

At Point Hope, we recognize that schools and education play a pivotal role in the success of a community – and vice versa! Located just a walk or bike ride away for students living in Point Hope, Philip Simmons Elementary, Middle and High Schools have been pillars of our community since before the first residents moved in. But those schools can’t excel in a vacuum. They need the participation and support of parents and the greater community in order to help students thrive. The brand new Iron Horse Mentorship Program at Philip Simmons High School is just one way the community can help. 

Hub Operations and Events Manager Erin Dudley volunteered to be a mentor to a student this year, and she recently attended an orientation session where she learned more about the program.

The Iron Horse Mentorship Program  is designed  to encourage student achievement through individual mentorship focused on developing community connections and expanding students’ supportive networks. The program  facilitates  one-on-one interactions with prominent members of the community to ground Philip Simmons students in their high school experience.  Through relationships with their  mentors, students are able to explore their unique interests, strengths and talents in a supportive environment. The goal is to better prepare  students for success in their academic, social and professional endeavors.

Iron Horse Mentorship Program Goals

  • Enhance students’ experiences through their  individual talents and strengths 
  • Prepare students for college and/or the workforce 
  • Create opportunities for students to explore personal and professional interests 
  • Broaden students’ exposure   
  • Provide students with the support they need for holistic growth and development 
  • Build confidence 
  • Nurture relationship-building skills

Studies show there is a direct correlation between mentorship, reduced dropout rates and higher achievement for high schoolers. We can’t think of a better way for our community to support our community schools than by participating in the Iron Horse Mentorship Program. If you live in the area and are interested in learning how you can help, please contact Erin Dudley for further information.