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The Point Hope Property Owners’ Association (POA) serves on behalf of the community and its residents to ensure that the unique, original vision and plan for Point Hope is maintained as development continues, and to protect property values for all stakeholders. It is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Point Hope’s common areas, including parks, trails, amenities and landscaping. The POA also provides support for resident and area events, manages the Architectural Review Board process and enforces the design guidelines that have been established to help preserve the character of the community. All property owners become members of the community’s residential property owners’ association.



  • Community maintenance of common areas, parks, trails, ponds, lakes and amenities
  • Enforcement of deed restrictions and community covenants
  • Administration of the architectural review process
  • Fostering community involvement and activities


Documents & Resources

Point Hope’s Governing Covenants (accessible below) detail the community’s By-Laws, Covenants and Design Standards. Covenants are non-governmental legal restrictions that apply to land and land owners. They are legally binding documents that are recorded in the official land records for Berkeley County and are typically provided by the home buyer’s attorney at the time of closing. They are also available for download here, along with additional helpful resources:

Point Hope Governing Covenants (download)

2021 Closing Fee Overview for Buyers (download)

Taxes & Cost of Living (download)

Golf Cart Guidelines (download)

Architectural review board

The design guidelines for Point Hope – intended to create architectural and site planning guidance for Point Hope neighborhoods – is administered by an Architectural Review Board (ARB) that is managed by the property owners association staff. The role of the Board is to enforce these guidelines as well as the City’s zoning regulations so that the community develops in an orderly and cohesive manner and in accordance with the development’s comprehensive Master Plan and City of Charleston requirements. You can review Point Hope’s Design Guidelines and Architectural Standards below:

Point Hope Residential Design Principles (download)

Point Hope Residential Design Principles – Supplemental Rules and Guidelines (download)

Point Hope Residential Modification Application Form (download)


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